"Green" electrified water for cleansing, disinfecting and disease control

Learning About Electrolyzed Water (EW)

Electrolyzed Water

A Treatise in Education

Environmental Chemistry

“In 1962 Rachael Carson published “Silent Spring.” Her book addressed issues of long-term environmental degradation of the planet by thoughtless use of chemistry to exact direct results without considering the future consequences to living species including the human race. It sparked the birth of responsible chemistry and is the foundation of the relatively new concept called “Green” chemistry.”


Electrolyzed Water for
Prevention of Pathogens

Cannabis Diseases

“There are two classes of disease affecting the Cannabis plant. The first is non-living and characterized as deficiencies in nutrients, pollutants, and genetic anomalies. The second is caused by living organisms including fungi (the most troublesome), nematodes, bacteria, viruses, and parasitic plants. Strangely enough, insects are not included in the disease category as they are transient and cause injury primarily due to feeding.”

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